Forrest Blackburn  President and CEO

Forrest Blackburn

President and CEO

Forrest Blackburn has over 19 years of experience in the construction, manufacturing and engineering fields, successfully completing over 26 projects in the last 7 years. He has been a lifelong entrepreneur and workaholic.

While completing his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University, he excelled in the manufacturing, materials and mechatronics fields. He has held roles in the Civil, Mechanical, and Robotics engineering fields both domestically and abroad.

Forrest has owned and operated his own businesses along with aiding in the establishment and growth of several other businesses. He brings many years of business experience working with manufacturing, construction, engineering, technology and international production to lead Robotic Tank Cleaning to success. 

 Richard Hughes VP of Robotics and Automation

Richard Hughes VP of Robotics and Automation

Rich is a seasoned engineer with many successful projects in several areas of robotic and automated control systems. Early work with IBM as a service engineer and several years with Perkin-Elmer as an electrical engineer in the analytical test equipment division provided a strong base of practical experience. Upon relocating to Colorado Rich began work with autonomous vehicles developing several successful products with Apogee Robotics. Following this work Rich moved into the packaging automation industry. For over a decade rich worked with companies such as CBW Automation in packaging and material handling automation. With this wealth of automation experience Rich then moved into the robotic remote handling equipment in nuclear environments. As a senior controls engineer he was responsible for designing complex remote operation systems for Special Application Technologies. Among his most notable accomplishments over the five years spent working in this challenging environment was the design, production, delivery and commissioning of the equipment used to completely remove the graphite pile reactor at Brookhaven National Laboratories in Long Island, New York.


Rich is an invaluable addition to the RPR team providing hands-on, practical design and production experience in electrical control systems. His extensive background in robotics, automation and industrial systems provide substantial value and reliability to all RPR projects and products.